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Welcome to "Favorit Devil" kennel
My name is Karina and I am pleased to welcome you to the "Favorit Devil" kennel.
Our kennel has been breeding American Staffordshire Terriers. This is a strong, self-assured and very temperament dogs.
They get along well with children and are great companions.
First American Staffordshire Terrier appeared in our house of Yara iz Slobojanschiny in 2007. It was a beautiful blue-brindle female . Yara has given us many happy and memorable moments of our lives.
We all fell in love with this breed...
In FCI kennel was registered in 2011. We are a very young kennel, but now our graduates are involved in the most prestigious shows in the world. We are incredibly proud of is our every puppy. Thanks to all our owners for the care and love of our puppies.
Thanks to all our friends for their support and faith in us!
We will improve and try to justify your confidence.
Best regards, Karina Falkevich
"Favorit Devil" kennel

Питомник создан 23.06.19,
Породы: Американский стаффордширский терьер
Куратор – FavoritDevil
Телефон: +380932702593
E-mail: favoritdevil@i.ua
Украина, Харьков
Сайт: https://favoritdevi6.wixsite.com/favorit-devil


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