While Class Change is the main focus of Diablo Immortal

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While Class Change is the main focus of Diablo Immortal's next update, there are new rewards and events also coming. There's a new track for rewards D2R ladder items, The Hero's Journey is being added that will reward players with various items when they complete challenges that scale in difficulty at the higher Paragon levels. There's a plethora of new legendary items added for each class as well which will focus on new powers that inflict damage over time.

A brand-new event, known as The Adventurer's Path, will have players who complete tasks in order to earn more gold dust that is enchanted, as well as scrap materials. There will be a special portrait frame awarded for completing 16 tasks. Then, there is the legendary crest to be awarded for accomplishing 20 tasks. The event will run between July 20 and August 30. It's the Hungering Moon, Diablo Immortal's first event with a limited time duration is also returning from July 29 to 31.

And lastly, another boss from the raid is coming to the Helliquary. Gorgothra the Claimer will be added August 2. although Blizzard has not disclosed what Combat Rating players will need to attain in order to fight this new boss.

Diablo Immortal, which is free to play, received a lot of criticism when it debuted in June with its a variety of microtransactions and "pay-to-win" legendary gem system, even as it was said to have earned more than $50 million within the first month. Blizzard is yet to respond to complaints about how the game's revenue is generated.

It's a bit of a surprise that Blizzard its president Mike Ybarra instead defending the game's monetization model in an interview with. Amidst backlash against Diablo Immortal, Blizzard has made clear that while Diablo IV will have an in-game microtransactions store, it will only be for optional cosmetics buy diablo II resurrected items. Additionally, there will not be a way to buy real money game-specific power.

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